System Dynamics Computer Model - Pleistocene Extinctions

Read the Dissertation:
    Second Order Predation and Pleistocene Extinctions:
    A System Dynamics Model (view in PDF)

by Elin Whitney-Smith

Run the Model:

  1. Click on the file. This will download the zip file. You can then install the software on your system. The model is in the same zip file as the software
  2. Once you have installed the software, click on the model Xtinct.stm. A screen will appear telling you to click to continue.
  3. If the screen doesn't disappear automatically close it using the 'X' button in the upper right hand corner of the window.
  4. The extinction model will open.
The software is here courtesy of High Performance Systems.

It is a Run Time Version of the software; you will not be able to save models or changes to models.

When the model opens you will see a graph showing second-order predation. If this fills your screen press Control H to toggle back and forth between the graph and the interface. You can also resize the graph screen to see the chart pad and the interface which may be under it.

Pressing 'Control R' will start the model running. Click on the triangle at the bottom left of the graph pad to see other pages. (You can do this while the model is running).

The chart pad will appear and disappear with the graph pad. Clicking on the triangle at the bottom left of the chart will show other pages of the chart. If you cannot see the chart pad it may be covered by the graph pad. Move the graph pad by clicking and dragging on the upper edge or resize by clicking and dragging the border.

Getting Started

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