Animation of Second-Order Predation Model

Getting Started

Here are some suggestions to help you get started in interacting with the model.

There are three boxes surrounded by a red box The model has three modes:
  1. Equilibrium
  2. Second Predator - Overkill
  3. Second Order Predation
Each mode will be discussed in turn.

Equilibrium Mode

Overkill Mode - H. sapiens enters the New World

Herbivores Needed by H. sapiens per year

Second Order Overkill Mode - H. sapiens reduces Carnivore Populations

You have completed the first level of interacting with the model.

To get further into the 'guts of the thing' you need to scroll down to see the variables which are graphically controlled.

To interact with these variables:

If you find an combination which is stable and which makes Overkill more likely than Second Order Overkill please e-mail me at

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Whittington, S. L. & Dyke, B.