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The Second Order Predation Hypothesis is that humans killed carnivores and that “unstuck” the control of herbivore populations. Herbivores boomed, ate everything in sight – literally eating themselves to death. In this newly competitive world of scarcity, only the most efficient animals survived – smaller animals and ruminants.

This is a link to a mystery story that details the evidence and explains Second Order Predation easily.

Ice Age Extinctions: Skylark Holmes and Dr. Janet Watson Investigate; “The Case of the Arboricidal Megaherbivores”

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AMQUA 2022 Madison, WI – links

Problem statement

FAQs for Second Order Predation AMQUA Poster-2022.pdf

Abstract: Handling the Complexity of Pleistocene Extinction:
Second Order Predation 22 years and counting

Sensitivity Tests for Second Order Predation vs. Overkill

Graphs of simulations in the Pleistocene Extinction Model (PEM) Where there are extinctions the “Behind the Scenes” graphs are shown. Where there are no extinctions they are not.